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With ONTRIS you get competitive prices on shipping your goods

Once you have created a freight job, you are instantly shown offers from relevant carriers and freight forwarders. 

You can also choose to put your goods up for tender. Name your maximum transportation price and duration of the tender.

If you join ONTRIS, members have the added benefit of sending transportation jobs to preferred suppliers.

With ONTRIS you're always certain the job will be done at the right price and at the right time.



Privacy policy/Ter​ms and conditions

1. Accept

1.1. Freight buyer, carrier or freight forwarders, who have joined ONTRIS - in the following known as the member - confirm by signing up to have read and accepted ONTRIS Terms and Conditions as outlined below.

2. Extent, duration and discontinuation

2.1. Membership grants users the right to use all the facilities at which are targeted to their membership type.

2.2. The member can at any point in time discontinue their membership.

3. The member’s obligations

3.1. The member guarantees that the member only uses the facilities of in accordance with these terms and conditions and the guidelines on the website.

3.2. Each member’s username and password is confidential and may under no circumstances be passed on to a third party. The member is liable for any third party’s misuse of the website and is obliged to immediately inform ONTRIS in case of suspicion or knowledge of third party access to login information.

3.3. If the member is a company, institution or association with several geographic locations, a membership will solely be for one of these locations. For carriers/freight forwarders the membership can only be extended to more than one place of business when ONTRIS has allowed this.

3.4. Furthermore, the member is obliged to register an email address with ONTRIS, to which binding agreements of any kind can be sent. Also, the member must provide a CVR-number or SE-number.

3.5. The member will assume responsibility for exonerating ONTRIS from any claim made by third party og any government agency as a consequence of any transportation agreement which has or has not been made. This exoneration includes any incurred legal fees.

3.6. The member acknowledges that all jobs are carried out in accordance with “Nordisk Speditørforbunds Almindelige Bestemmelser (NSAB2000).”

4. ONTRIS’s legal position 

4.1 ONTRIS merely conveys contact between transport buyers and sellers. As a conveyor of contact, ONTRIS cannot be held liable as buyer or seller of transport, carrier or freight forwarder, agent or part of any of these. All agreements are made directly between the buyer and the seller of transportation. 

5. ONTRIS’s responsibilites

5.1. ONTRIS is responsible for keeping in accordance with current legislation, including legal safety standards and standards for handling user information and payment data.

5.5. Complaints about the operating of ONTRIS are referred to

6. ONTRIS limitation of responsibility

6.1. ONTRIS maintains the right to determine and/or change the guidelines for using Guideline changes can be implemented after a three month notice.

6.2. ONTRIS denounces any responsibility for damages and any other responsibility for the member, third party or government agencies as a consequence of the member’s use of, including - but not limited to - claims for damages stemming from agreements for transportation, which the member has or has not entered into. ONTRIS denounces all responsibilities and claims which the member can incur from government agencies, including taxes and fees or as a consequence of non-compliance with bidding legislation, competition legislation etc. The member carries full responsibility for the usage of and for the accuracy of any information the member enters, including contact data. 

6.3. ONTRIS’s liability does not include indirect or derived losses of any kind, including operational losses, lost income, lost data or any other losses. The liability of ONTRIS can never exceed the amount the member has paid ONTRIS over the duration of one year prior to the time the liability occurs.

7. Non-compliance

7.1. When a member is significantly non-compliant with the membership terms, ONTRIS has the right to cancel the membership without further notice.

7.2. Significant non-compliance can be lack of payment and lack of compliance with ONTRIS guidelines.

7.3. When cancellation occurs, ONTRIS is entitled to damages according to rules and regulations of the Danish courts. The member is not entitled to full or partial refund of paid fees.

8. Jurisdiction

8.1. Any dispute arising from these conditions will be settled in accordance with Danish law, under the jurisdiction of Esbjerg Byret. 

8.2. ONTRIS is however permitted to file suit with the court of the member’s place of business.

9. Afregningsbestemmelser

9.1. ONTRIS tager en provision på 5 % af enhver indgået aftale. Betaling sker gennem ONTRIS, der sender det afregnede beløb (fratrukket provision) til fragtleverandøren hver 14 dag. ONTRIS forbeholder sig ret til at ændre disse vilkår uden forudgående varsel.


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